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At Panta Sandals we are passionate about minimalist footwear in general and running sandals in particular. We have created a line-up of sandals thatwe want for ourselves and for our European running friends. We've tried and tested them in ultraruns, marathons and triathlons, but they're great as all-round adventure sandals too.

Since 490 BC refers to ancient Greece, where running messengers held up communication between city states. For us that's where and when Panta Sandals were born.


All the traction you need when venturing off road


Go-to minimal trail sandal with leather footbed and thin Vibram treaded sole

Named after the mountain village Lykaio, located in Greek God Pan's rustic homeland Arcadia, the Lykaios sandals are made for trail blazing. They are built like a tank and at the same time give you the ground feel of your bare feet. Gravel, protruding roots, lava stones; throw anything at them and they will grind through and keep your feet safe from harm. 

The Lykaios feature a 1.5mm thick vegetable tanned, natural color leather footbed. The leather is soft to your feet and will become...



Optimal ground feel, protection from road debris


Lightweight and soft asphalt cruiser with microfiber footbed

Named after the ancient Greek city of Samos, home to one of the first paved roads which linked the city to it's temple. The Samos are one of our road racing models. They give you optimal ground feel, protection from road debris and glass, and some softness.

The Samos feature a 0,8 mm thick microfiber footbed that has the feel of leather but with a greater capacity to manage moisture. The microfiber footbed is pressure glued onto a 6 mm Vibram Mandorlo Morflex sole. Mandorlo Morflex is a micro-cellular rubber, with...


Thick (at 8mm) yet lightweight sandal for distance running and long hikes

Named after the historic lava dome of Kameni Chora in Greece that erupted in 230 B.C., the Kamenis sandals are one of our asphalt cruiser models. They are probably the lightest and most minimal sandals around while giving you optimal ground feel, protection from road debris and glass, and some softness. 

The Kamenis feature a 2mm thick footbed made of EVA, a material that has all the benefits of cork; it's super lightweight and has a soft 'cushiony' feel, while it outperforms cork on durability....



When maximum grip capacity is required on slippery terrain


The amphibious sandal, for swim-runs and rain-filled days.

Named after lake Zaros on the largest of the Greek islands Crete. Lake Zaros was created in wetlands with water originating from regional springs. Zaros in old Greek means a place with a lot of water.

The Zaros feature two-sided traction; a 2 mm grip top footbed pressure glued onto a 6 mm Vibram TANK Newflex rubber sole (3 mm profile on a total thickness of 6 mm). The footbed has a knob pattern to provide grip when your feet are wet, and to allow water to be expelled from underneath your feet, like the profile...



Pre-order now, ships in january


A new batch of organic cotton t-shirts is now available for ordering. Choose from three colour combo’s - a new flashy mid blue/yellow, a spotted pink/ruby red and the classic black/white. The first 100 orders will receive a numbered silk screen print of artwork by talented artist and Panta runner @son.nel.son He has hand-drawn beautifully detailed illustrations for us of raw and timeless objects close to our heart - a goat horn, an amphora shard and an ‘ordinary’ rock.

T-Shirts will ship in February.

All t-shirts are unisex t-shirts made out of 100%...



Our trademark barefoot slip-on sandals for children


Kids sandals for all-round outdoor adventures

The suffix ‘aki’ means ‘little’ in Greek, and that is exactly what the Pantakis are; a smaller simplified children's version of our adult slip-on sandals. Simplified because Pantakis feature a simple buckle and one fixed way to set them up. This is the easiest and most allround set-up. The design is slightly wider because most children have relatively wide feet. 

The Pantakis are flexible barefoot sandals that allow a child’s feet and body to move freely and naturally. They enable a direct sensory connection to the world beneath their feet, they activate their full musculoskeletal system and they...


Easy and economical upsizing

Upgrade your child’s Pantakis to a bigger size when their feet have grown. Just order a pair of larger soles from us and transfer the straps from the old soles to the new soles. Upgrading is easy - instructions included - and economical - at half the costs of a new pair.

Download and print our PDF size templates to check how they will fit. Maybe after they do some colouring. Send us a photo when in doubt about the size. Wherever possible opt for the slightly larger size to accommodate for your...