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Kids sandals for all-round outdoor adventures

The suffix ‘aki’ means ‘little’ in Greek, and that is exactly what the Pantakis are; a smaller simplified children's version of our adult slip-on sandals. Simplified because Pantakis feature a simple buckle and one fixed way to set them up. This is the easiest and most allround set-up. The design is slightly wider because most children have relatively wide feet. 

The Pantakis are flexible barefoot sandals that allow a child’s feet and body to move freely and naturally. They enable a direct sensory connection to the world beneath their feet, they activate their full musculoskeletal system and they allow them develop a natural walking and running gait.

Pantakis are available in size 32-36. The grey 0,8 mm microfiber footbed is pressure glued onto a 5 mm Vibram Lisk Newflex rubber sole. The Pantakis are thin and durable which makes them great for all kinds of outdoor adventures.

As with all minimalist footwear, keep in mind that your child may also need time to transition to barefoot sandals. Especially if your child hasn’t spent a lot of time barefoot and has mainly worn thick-soled, padded footwear. For adults this typically takes months. So take it slow and gradually build the time your child spends in sandals. Consider letting them wear them around the house first and gradually add outdoor activities later. 

Download and print our PDF size templates to check how they will fit. Maybe after they do some colouring. Send us a photo when in doubt about the size. Wherever possible opt for the slightly larger size to accommodate for your child’s growing feet.

Easy and economical upsizing

Upgrade your child’s Pantakis to a bigger size when their feet have grown. Just order a pair of larger soles from us and transfer the straps from the old soles to the new soles. Upgrading is easy - instructions included - and economical - at half the costs of a new pair. See Pantakis Next Size.