Sandals with Thoknia straps attached
Lykaios sandals with Thoknia straps attached

Instep-Straps (sold as a pair)


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The improved Thoknia instep-strap is an additional strap that fits over the top of your foot and provides a greater degree of fixation. This new version is easier to install and adjust. Use them as an additional fixation for technical trails with steep inclines, large rocks, for muddy trails, or in combination with our amphibious sandal, the Zaros.

For road running most people don't use an instep-strap, but if you start using them in other terrain you usually end up using them everywhere.

Velcro closure on one side for easy mid-run adjustments.

Size S recommended for sandal size 37 - 40
Size M recommended for sandal size 41 - 43
Size L recommended for sandal size 44 - 47

If you know you have a high instep then we recommend ordering one size up. So for example if you have a high instep and size 43 then order for size 44, size L.