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Lightweight and soft asphalt cruiser with microfiber footbed

Named after the ancient Greek city of Samos, home to one of the first paved roads which linked the city to it's temple. The Samos are one of our road racing models. They give you optimal ground feel, protection from road debris and glass, and some softness.

The Samos feature a 0,8 mm thick microfiber footbed that has the feel of leather but with a greater capacity to manage moisture. The microfiber footbed is pressure glued onto a 6 mm Vibram Mandorlo Morflex sole. Mandorlo Morflex is a micro-cellular rubber, with only half the weight, but with excellent grip and durability. It has a gummy feel and shapes to your feet the more you wear them.

Like all Panta sandals the Samos feature the 3-in-1 strap system. One continuous strap is fixed to the sole with a full metal plug. A single sliding buckle gives you three options for wearing. They're shipped as pictured in what we call the diagonal-fixed set-up. This is the most all-round set-up that we've chosen as the standard set-up for our sandals.