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How to order the right size

Finding your right size is easy with these templates. Pick your size, print the template (make sure your printer settings are set at 100% or 'actual size' and check with a ruler or with a credit card) and stand on it. Most people choose the neutral width and are not necessarily aware of their foot width. You will probably know if you have relatively wide or narrow feet, and will have had fitting issues when buying normal shoes. Print a size above or below and see if these fit better.

Choose your size and download the template:


We make running sandals to fit. There is nothing better than running in a pair of perfectly fitting running sandals, and we want to provide this experience to as many people as we possibly can. This includes the outliers; the people whose feet don't fall into the dominant 'normal' category. So we make sandals in eleven different sizes and for three different foot widths.

If you are having trouble finding the right size send us a photo of your feet on the closest size-template and we'll advise you on the best size for you. We will make a custom pair to fit your particular feet if needed.

T-Shirt Sizes

Use this size chart to measure and find your right t-shirt size. You can lay one of your best fitting t-shirts on a flat surface and measure it as a reference when choosing your size.

(all measurements are in centimeters)

A 42,5 45 51 54
B 64,5 67,5 71,5 73,5
C 19 19,5 20,5 21,5