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Parnosas trail blazers. minimalist running sandals.


Trail Blazers

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Named after the Parnonas mountain range located east of Sparta, the Parnasos sandals are made for trail blazing. They are built like a tank and at the same time give you the ground feel of your bare feet. Gravel, protruding roots, lava stones; throw anything at them and they will grind through and keep your feet safe from harm. The Samos feature a microfiber footbed that has the feel of leather but with a greater capacity to manage moisture. This makes it the sandal of choice when your planning to do a lot of running in wet conditions. The microfiber footbed  is pressure glued to a 5mm Vibram Lisk Newflex rubber sole. This sole has an aggressive tread pattern and exceptional resistance to wear. It is thin, strong, comfortable, and gives you all the traction you need when venturing off the paved roads.

The Loukas feature a double strap system to effectively transfer the extra traction from your feet to the ground. Like all Panta sandals the Loukas straps are made to fit, to save weight and prevent loose ends. And the integrated VelcroTM fasteners keep the straps compact and close fitting.