About Us


At Panta Sandals we are passionate about minimalist footwear in general and running sandals in particular. We have created a line-up of sandals that we want for ourselves and for our European running friends. We used the best materials, the most modern techniques and most efficient processes. We are inspired by global running sandal culture. Moving forward we will increasingly tap into our specific European running sandal heritage, going all the way back to early Greek and Roman civilizations. Like the Greek running messengers, or hemerodromoi, three thousand years ago, who upheld communication between city states and clocked hundreds of miles a week on sandals. The secrets of these sandals are slow to unfold, but we are uncovering them one by one with the help of the foremost historians and archeologists. We will continue to build on this knowledge and we will extend our portfolio with new sandals and accessories. We hope you'll join us in our journey!


Roald is the founder and innovation director of Panta Sandals. He is an avid runner and is truly in his element when on the trails in the nature reserve near his home. He has a background in design engineering and was taught the tricks of the trade by a local master shoemaker. In 2016 he started making sandals in his attic workshop. He quickly built a small following of running-sandal-aficionados amongst European trail and ultra runners. In 2017 he partnered with Bram to professionalize and scale the business to meet the growing demand.


He is an avid walker and prefers to keep big gaps between appointments so he can get from A to B by just walking. With a background in political science and graphic design, it only makes sense that Bram does all the visuals and has a strong opinion about everything else.